4 things you must do to spread Tamil on the internet

Every human loves his mother tongue and tries to preserve it. Tamils are known for their love towards their mother tongue but their love doesn’t gives any benefits to the Tamil language. Here are the ways in which the Tamil can become one of the major language of the internet.

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Write 1 Article at Tamil Wikipedia (ta.wikipedia.org)

Tamil language is the 15th most spoken language with the population of 80 million in the world but when it comes to number of articles in Wikipedia, the Tamil language articles are just over 66,767 which makes it 61th language based on the number of articles. Even though the native Swedish speakers are just 10 million, they had made 1,954,891 articles in Wikipedia, making Swedish the second most language in terms of Wikipedia articles.

So, if your mother tongue is Tamil and if you want to contribute to the Tamil then just write at least a single article at the ta.wikipedia.org and contribute to your language. You may ask, “what to write about?” You can write Tamil articles about famous people from outside India, latest technologies such as Google products because these are currently very less in the Tamil Wikipedia. You can also write article about anything which you are interested about but it must not be already written. You can also motivate your friends to write articles whom are just using Facebook for chatting.

You can use Google Translate for translating English words to Tamil, if you needed but don’t translate the full English articles into Tamil using the Google Translate because it may produce grammatical errors and misleading sentences.

Create Your Own Tamil Blog

You can start your own blog in Tamil language for free from the Blogger, Tumblr or from WordPress. Just write one Tamil blog post per week and you can use services like Chitika for fulfilling your expenditure on blogging. If every internet Tamil start a Tamil blog then Tamil language will be one of the dominant language of the internet.

Use Tamil on Social Media

Use Tamil name for your Facebook user account and use Tamil language for most of your status messages. You can also use Tamil on all the social networking websites like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.,. You can also follow other popular Tamil websites and blogs on the world wide web.

Google AdSense Support for Tamil Language

With millions of Tamils living in all over the world, Tamil is a global language and it is not restricted to any region. By considering the availability of Tamil advertisers, Google must provide the advertising support for the Tamil articles which will help the oldest living language to make its place on the internet.


Hope you will follow all the suggestions given on this article. If everyone follows, then Tamil will soon become a visible language as a result. Love your mother tongue and respect all the languages.

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