Amma Unavagam Branches, Price List, Profit Details & Review

Do you want to know all details about the Tamil Nadu government’s cheap meal scheme Amma Unavagam? You can get the full details about this cheap hotel here in this review.

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Amma unavagam (Tamil: அம்மா உணவகம்) is a cheap priced canteen where low income earners and poor people can eat food morning and in the afternoon. Amma unavagam is not available in night so there is no dinner provided by them. Only morning breakfast and afternoon lunch was available at low cost. Now dinner is also being provided.

Amma Unavagam Meals Price List

  • Idli – ₹1
  • Pongal – ₹5
  • Sambar Rice – ₹5
  • Lemon Rice – ₹5
  • Karuveppilai Sadam – ₹5
  • Curd Rice – ₹3
  • 2 Chapathi – ₹3

These are the prices of the meals which are available in the morning and in the afternoon and in the night.

Working Days and Time

  • Morning Time 7am to 10am –  Idly, Pongal with Sambar.
  • Afternoon Time 12pm to 3pm – Sambar rice, Curd rice, Lemon rice or curry leaves rice.
  • Dinner Time 6pm to 9pm – Chapathi and Dal.

These are the meals and food available in the Amma Unavagam. There might be more added in the future. There is no parcel service for the food is available. Current Amma Unavagam is not making any profit and it is running in a loss of Rs 2.70 crore per year

Amma Unavagam Branches List

These are the various place where Amma unavagam is available and people can go and eat. The places are maintained clean and healthy by the government.

Amma unavagam list address


This list is only for Chennai city. We add for other cities later in this post. Other states have started similar schemes like this to provide food for the poor people. Each China is going to introduce this in their country.

Huge amount of food is wasted in India everyday and many people goes to sleep in hungry in India at the same time. Please add more information by commenting below in the form.

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