Bangalore Vs Chennai Vs Mumbai – Find out the best city by comparing various factors

In this article, lets compare the three major Indian cities such as the Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai with each other in various fields to find out which is the best.

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The trademark of a metropolitan city are the skyscrapers which shows the passion and the pride of the city. When it comes to the high buildings, the LIC building of Chennai is the India’s highest building in the history but it is no more the tallest building of India. Now the India’s tallest buildings are situated only in Mumbai and Bangalore.
Points: Mumbai 3, Bangalore 2, Chennai 1.


The people are the hearts of the mega cities and without them those are just some man made structures. When comes to the population, Mumbai again tops the other cities by the population of incredible 22 million (2015) which is higher than the population of the country Sri Lanka. The Chennai’s population is 10 million and Bangalore’s population is also 10 million which makes them both tie.
Points: Mumbai 3, Chennai 2, Bangalore 2.


Transportation is really important for the cities with such a huge population. Delays will cause a huge loss to the economy of the city. Its really good for a city to be connected in all the 4 ways such as the Air, Water, Road and Railways. The Mumbai’s port is the India’s largest and Chennai’s port is also one of the largest where cargo ships arrives from the Southeast Asia through the important trade route. One of the drawback of the Bangalore is that it doesn’t have any port since it’s a landlocked city.

When it comes to traffic Chennai handles much better than the other two cities. Mumbai had taken many steps recently to improve the train and road transport but still there is no way to solve the rush and to provide safety to the people in the peak hours. All the three cities has metro trains.
Points: Chennai 3, Mumbai 2, Bangalore 1.

Climate and Weather

The good and pleasant climate is essential for the living of the people. The Chennai and Mumbai are known to have hot weather while the Bangalore’s weather is considerably cool since the city is located at an average elevation of 920 metres (3,020 ft) from the sea level.

Bangalore is also cleaner than its counterparts and this makes it the cleanest metro city of India. There are roads with flowers on both sides and which are so unique to the city.
Points: Bangalore 3, Chennai 2, Mumbai 2.


The area of the cities are also important factor to consider. The area of Mumbai city is the India’s largest and the area of Chennai is equal in size as of Bangalore city. But the Bangalore is expanding everyday rapidly.
Points: Mumbai 3, Chennai 2, Bangalore 2.

Per Capita Income

The per capita income (PPP) of Maharashtra is $1,990 and the Tamil Nadu’s is $1,870 and for the Karnataka is $1,420. The per capita income is the income of earn by a single person in the state for a year. More money is equal to more happiness among the people in the state.
Points: Mumbai 3, Chennai 2, Bangalore 1.


The Mumbai and Chennai has a history on its background which takes back us to the British empire rule while the urban Bangalore is just an recent development. Many historical events had occurred on the Mumbai and Chennai which makes them something special.
Points: Mumbai 3, Chennai 3, Bangalore 2.

All the three cities are the beautiful cities of India and homes to the lovely people on the earth.

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