Brahmins in Telugu Film Industry List

Do you want to know who all are the Brahmins in Telugu Film Industry? Here is the list of Brahmin actors in Tollywood film industry.

Today's Message: For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

The Brahmins are the OC (Open Category) community in India and they are found in all most in all states and union territories in the Indian Subcontinent. There are many Brahmins in the Telugu movie industry and lets see who they are.

Brahmin actors in Tollywood film industry

  • Aarudhra (Bhagavatula Sadasiva Shankara Sastry) – Lyricist & Songwriter
  • Adivi Bapiraju – Story Writer
  • Garikapati Narasimha Rao – TV Performer
  • Gollapudi Maruthi Rao – Film Artist
  • Hema Malini – Actress
  • Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna – Singer
  • Puttaparthi Narayanacharyulu – Lyricist
  • Rayaprolu Subba Rao – Lyricist
  • Sri Sri (Srirangam Srinivasa Rao) – Lyricist
  • Vasundhara Das – Actress
  • Veturi Sundararama Murthy – Song Lyrics Writer

These are the actors, actress, story writes, lyricists, directors and singers who are the brahmins in telugu cinema field. You can also achieve this by hard work, talent and with some luck. Some of the personalities aren’t directly involved in the movies but their work are copied into the Telugu cinema. That’s why their names are being included in this list.

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