Cultural Shocks That Tourists Must Ready To Face In Asia

The culture shock is the strange and uncomfortable feeling you get while exposing to the another culture. If you want to travel to the different parts of the world then you must know about their customs and culture.

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Here, Asians means the people from the countries of Asian continent which also includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand and other countries.

Animals On The Road: You can only see the cows on the farms in the western world but its super easy to see various animals running and feeding freely among the public in many Asian countries. Many Asians are also having the habit of worshiping the animals. The traffic will be crazy since the population is just crazy. Most drivers don’t respect the traffic rules and the rules are just in the papers. So you have to be careful when traveling on the road.

Too Hot Climate: The climate will be extremely hot in many spots in Asia unless you are in the northern Asia. So if your body wasn’t exposed to the extreme sunny climate before then you may get sun burn and heat stokes. So carry water, creams and other essential things to protect from the sun.

People Using Hands To Eat: While the Chinese use chopsticks for eating, most South Asians just use their bare hands to tasting their meals everyday. But this does not mean that you won’t get a fork and spoon while ordering your food at the hotels.

Squat Toilet: After having your food, you have to dispose the waste. Squat toilet or Indian toilet is the toilet system used by most of the Asian countries but you can also find western toilet in the urban areas. Even though still there is less likely to have toilet papers in the western toilets since Asians use water for cleaning. So you need to know how to use the squat toilet well before since you may don’t know that when you will be in a situation to use a squat toilet as a emergency.

Scrabbled Currency Notes: The Rupee is the currency of India and you can see many notes with ink marks. Many people have use to write their name and even phone number on the currency notes. These currency notes are accepted for the transactions even though they are highly discouraged by the government. So if someone give you a scrabbled currency note then don’t hesitate to buy it.

Say No To Kissing On The Public: Kissing in public is considered to be a taboo in Asia and in the middle-eastern countries as a crime. So avoid such acts and try to stick with the local rules. Such acts are not even permitted inside cars and so the only way to show your love with your lovable one is inside walls which restricts the public from viewing.

People Piss On The Streets: What do you mean? Yes, people piss on the streets in India if no one is watching even though its a wrongful act, there is no punishment. Many streets in the rural area are be ugly and dirty. In some spots, You may need to cover your nose with a cloth.

Ignore Swastika: Swastika is the symbol of Hitler, impure, bloody, inhuman but most of the Asians don’t know who the Hitler was and his connection with the symbol. Actually the symbol originated in between 3300 BC – 1700 BC in Asia and used as a symbol in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, well before Adolf Hitler adopting it. So if you find the symbol anywhere then just try to ignore it.

There Will Be No Greeting Of Strangers: Americans use to smile and say ‘Hi’ to strangers but most Asians avoid making eye contact and usually maintains distance from strangers. So, don’t think them as being rude.

Feel Like A Celebrity: When you travel to the various spots some people may stare at you and many people would like to take selfies with you and offer various things. You will feel like a celebrity. You maybe also approached by the taxi drivers, sellers in streets and beggars which will be little annoying.

Cleavage Free: If you walk in the streets of America then you can see people wearing revealing cloths but people in Asia, people don’t use to show cleavage. In India, most women use to wear saree and you can’t find people showing cleavage.

Conclusion: Culture and tradition varies from continents to continents, countries to countries or even within the countries. In the Southeast Asia, groom family has to offer money and things to the bride’s family but in South Asia, the bride family are the one has to offer money and things to the groom’s family. In the northern India, people use to eat more wheat than the rice but in the southern India, people seems to eat more rice than the wheat.

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