12 Highly Risky Side Effects of iPill on Girls Health [Explained]

Do you want to use pills to control the unwanted pregnancy? Then you should read these highly dangerous risks and side effects of ipill that can cause on your body before starting to use it.Today, many couples have unprotected intercourse and they want to use some sort of birth control method to avoid the pregnancy. The first thought which comes to their mind is using the birth control pills. But unlike the other birth control methods which are meant to be used externally, the pills are meant to be inhaled. I pill is safe to use (mostly) but it also reported to produce a number of side effects to many girls. You can also check Unwanted 72 vs i-Pill vs Mala D: Which is best?.

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Rapid Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Many women experience sudden weight gain and others find sudden loss of body mass after using the i pills. This is due to the reaction of the pills with the metabolism of the body. This also affect the digestion process of the body and this is one of the non severe side effects of using the i pills birth control.

Headache and Depression

Some people have experienced moderate to severe headaches and migraine after the continues use of the i pills. You should not take it in overdose and if you did then it will affect the nervous system of your body. So avoid taking the tablets in excess amount which can cause side effects.

Vomiting Sensation

There are reports that some women gets the vomiting sensation when the ipill starts to work on their body. But this is actually like an allergy and few of them experience this. vomiting sensation doesn’t happens to every women who use it. So its more depends upon the type of body and immune system you have.

Breast Pain and Engorgement

The more serious ways the pills can affect your body and health is through breast pain and stomach pain. Usually all types of tablets are bad for health in a long run. They will affect the stomach walls since they are made from powerful chemicals. Thats why you should always eat some food before taking a pill. So i pill before or after food? You have to take it with water after having your meal.

I-Pill Can Fail To Stop Pregnancy

Using i pill is not 100% safe and it can fail to stop the pregnancy. But this happens very rarely but it is possible. It’s not a type of pill that you can take as often you want. The birth control pills like i pill is not recommended to be consumed more than twice a month. Its also more safe if the pill is taken within 24 hours of having sex. It’s better not to take longer than 24 hours to take the pill which will increase the risk of getting pregnancy. It is better to get a pregnancy test if you feel something is wrong. I-Pill is not an abortion pill, so it won’t work to abort a baby.

I-Pill is Not For All Women

I pill is only recommended for women between the ages 25-45 years old. So it’s recommended to take this pill around this age group to be more on the safe side. Even though it can work for everyone there is a higher risk of side effects. So the recommended ages are the best and the most safe for using the pill. Also women who are 35+ and smoke shouldn’t take this pill either.

Your Periods Can Be More Irregular

The first months after you started to take the pill your periods can vary from time to time. You might get your period before than the actual date or after the actual date. This might cause insecurities to some women and so you should be aware of this and has to be prepared to face it.

Unexpected bleeding after taking ipill

This has happened to many who had taken the pills in an excess amount over time. This is not a candy to be eaten everyday. This is meant for emergency use only and should be taken in rare circumstances. You have to visit a doctor nearby if you bleed a lot.

No Protection Against STDs

While the other birth control methods will also give you the protection against the sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS, ipill can give protection against pregnancy only. You might end up getting STDs if your partner has it and so you have to be more careful about whom you have it with. Since STDs can cause the life of the person.

I-Pill Can Affect Future Pregnancy

You might don’t want a child for now but you might need it in the future. These pills will reduce the sexual desire and hormones which are required for a healthy sexual life. So in a long run, it will reduce the chance of getting pregnant by your body. So don’t use this for everyday and use it rarely when its most required.

It Might Interfere With Other Medicines You Use

If you are taking medicines and steroids then you must ask your doctor whether you can use ipill or not. Since both can react with each other and will harm your body. So the girls has to use other type of birth control technique to avoid the dangerous risks which can cause when using the both.

I-Pill Makes You Sensitive To Contact Lens

If you are a person who uses the contact lens then you should aware of that the ipill can make your eyes sensitive to contact lens. Your eyes might get dry and has less tears due to the use of the ipill. If it becomes uncomfortable to wear the lens then you can just use the eyeglass.

If you use i pill rarely then you don’t have to worry about much but if you make it as a continuous habit then you might get those bad side effects. There are also other birth control pills which might work better than ipill for you if ipill produces any side effects.

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