I Need to Get Rid of My Dog ASAP Within Today?

Do you want a new home for your dog within today? We are here to help you. Please contact us immediately to the number given below. We will pick up your dog as soon as possible.

Today's Message: For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

How to surrender a dog to a rescue?

  • Free Food For Your Pet: Call Phone Number – 816-986-4402
  • Surrender a Pet in USA: Call Phone Number – 512-978-0500
  • Surrender a Pet in Australia: Call Phone Numbers – 07-3426-9999 | 07-3426-9928
  • Surrender a Pet in India: Call Phone Number – 044-22300655 | 044-22300666 | 044-22354959
  • Surrender a Pet in United Kingdom: Call Phone Number – 0207 837 0006


billybuc profile image
billybuc 19 months ago from Olympia, WALevel 8 Commenter
This is obviously a passion of yours and you write about it beautifully. Well done; keep raising awareness and change will happen one person at a time.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 19 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Thanks, billy. I didn’t realize it at first how I can get going about these types of things until I start writing them down! It’s a great way to raise awareness, as you’ve mentioned before, and a great stress relief as well.

Jodah profile image
Jodah 19 months ago from Queensland AustraliaLevel 8 Commenter
Thank you for writing an article on the plight of our furry friends. No one should acquire animals if they can’t devote their time and effort to looking after them. I understand certain things happen and people may have to move to an apartment for instance where pets aren’t allowed, so this hub is very helpful to them. I applaud you for offering to take the unwanted animals yourself. We love our pets, having four dogs and four cats. They may restrict our ability to travel away from home for long periods but we can’t imagine life without them. Voted up.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 19 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Thank you jodah. I can’t imagine not having my dogs and vacationing can be hard. But I know these animals give me more affection and loyalty than some people. I’m glad you can have all those animals in your home. Thanks again!

Ericdierker profile image
Ericdierker 19 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.Level 7 Commenter
My wife does not want a dog. My son is four. We need a dog. We have a perfect yard and neighborhood and great access. And my exercise routine is tailor made for a dog.
Would you please write an article to help me, help her.

TurtleDog profile image
TurtleDog 19 months ago
Well said…. you’ve listed some great resources that people wouldn’t think to call. Vets and police (probably firefighters and other public’ resources’ too) I’ll bet get calls all the time and just by experience have good referrals. Nice job. Voted up and awesome

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 19 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Eric I agree a 4 year old needs a dog. There is a special bond that forms I know your wife won’t be able to ignore once she sees those puppy dog eyes!

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 19 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Turtledog, thank you! The more you ask around the more likely you are to find a home.

VaVaBeautiful profile image
VaVaBeautiful 18 months ago
I love this article dragonflycolor! I’ve worked at a veterinary office as an assistant for two years and people don’t usually think of that as being a place to help them rehome animals but we did help rehome a few, and we even rescued a couple others that had large medical problems. I’m very passionate about animal welfare as well and in fact I will even be starting my vet tech course in a few more months. Thank you for writing this article and help spreading awareness.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 18 months ago from IdahoHub Author
VaVa, thank you for being a part of the “save the animals” community. I hope you do well in your courses. We should exercise a little more diligence when doing ANYTHING, and rehoming animals is not exception. Thanks again!

Austinstar profile image
Austinstar 18 months ago from the Stars!Level 6 Commenter
I will never in my life understand cruelty to animals! Cruelty to people, maybe, but not anything smaller than yourself.

j4tigers 18 months ago
Such a sad post. I’m “mom” to 3 rescue cats, they are such an important part of my life, can’t imagine life without them. It’s so sad that there are so many unwanted animals, that people won’t spay/neuter so there aren’t more, that people consider pets disposable for whatever reason. It just makes me want to give every single of them a big hug and tell them they are loved, somewhere, by someone. Thank you for this post. It’s wonderful!

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 18 months ago from IdahoHub Author
austin and j4, it is sad that people feel that animals are disposable and that cruelty is the tool for such heinous acts. Violence against people should stop as well, especially when child abuse is so rampant. Thank you for reading.

macteacher profile image
macteacher 18 months ago from New YorkLevel 1 Commenter
Thank you for this Hub. I adopted 3 rescue cats and I adore them. I also care for a feral cat colony near my school in the Bronx. We had then all trapped and fixed, so no more kittens. Thank you for reminding people to be responsible. Animals are not garbage, they are thinking, feeling beings that need our care and our protections. Wonderful Hub voted up!

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 18 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Thank you so much for being so available. Time is really of the essence when cruelty arises. Thank you so much, again, macteacher!

Dede 14 months ago
A family took three of our puppies and we told them if anything came up, we would take them back and try to find them another home. Well, the family had to move and we are having a difficult time finding a home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 14 months ago from IdahoHub Author
I would love to take them and help rehome them, but something tells me you live farther than an hour’s drive. I would get in touch with EVERY vet you have in town, EVERY shelter, the humane society, and your neighbors. Let as many people know that you are needing help to rehome the little cuties. Plan on keeping them for at least a month and be patient with their needs. I’m a little saddened that their supposed family had to move and could not take them with them. Please let me know the progress of your situation. If you need me to, I will call all those places for you!

Teresa Dean profile image
Teresa Dean 13 months ago from Salisbury, North Carolina
Can someone help me find a home for a black and white female kitten only 7 weeks old. Our momma cat had kittens we already have three in the house and just can’t keep any more. Please help phone number.
dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 13 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Teresa, I would love to take that kitten off your hands, but I live on the other side of the country! We have a field in front of our home and cats are great mouse catchers. I would drive around nearby farm houses and ask door to door if they need a barn cat. Supply them with a couple bags of food to get them started, they will appreciate this. You can also call the local vet to see if anyone would be interested in taking on a female cat. Lastly, take the little guy to your local human society. Don’t be afraid to exhaust all options!

Lady Guinevere profile image
Lady Guinevere 13 months ago from West VirginiaLevel 6 Commenter
I am so glad that you wrote this and added the Spay Today stuff. Yes indeedy they need to be fixed. I once had 16 kittens from two cats, Gave most of them to a farm and the rest I ended up keeping. I have had three just vanish from my yard. We have coyotes around here and I am guessing that is what happened to them. I now have 5 cats. I also have dog that was dumped and took him in. I love animals too.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 13 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Yes, Lady Guinevere, spaying and neutering your animals is the by far the best thing you can do for them and the community, and if you do it right, will only cost less than $50 in total. We command that businesses be socially responsible, but yet try to absolve or make excuses of our own actions. We need to walk the walk, too! Thanks!

Lady Guinevere profile image
Lady Guinevere 13 months ago from West VirginiaLevel 6 Commenter
All my animals are fixed and every cat that I can get gets fixed too.The kittens came from a stray cat that called me home and brought the kittens to me. She had three litters and then I fixed her. I didn’t care if the real owner liked that or not. She was one of the cats that came up missing one day too.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 13 months ago from IdahoHub Author
You are a gem, Lady! Thank you so much for helping your community out.

Phyllis 12 months ago
I have 2 cats and I really can’t afford them right now. I’m looking for someone to come take them both. They are both female cats. One was given to me to catch a mouse in my apt. But she hasn’t tried anything. The other cat I found outside of my job cuz it looked so sick and suffered from starvation so I took it home to feed it. I really can’t have pets in my apt. My landlord don’t accept pets at all. So can u please help me.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 12 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Phyllis, please contact your local veterinarians and human society for help. They should be able to put you in touch with someone who can help. Don’t be afraid to exhaust all options!

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 12 months ago from IdahoHub Author
As a side note to EVERYONE:
This is an article that talks about the last resort places for unwanted animals. Please read the article in full because it does have information about where to take those animals! Now I really do appreciate the comments and the moral empathy you have for those animals, but this is not really the place to “advertise” needing help giving away your animals, UNLESS you live close to where I live…which is in Idaho. In this case, please send me a personal email at [email protected] and I will do my best to help you! Otherwise, please comment about the CONTENT of this article and not advertise, pretty please!

Phyllis 12 months ago
Thank u.

Maura Andrews 12 months ago
The pets I am trying to get rid of are not “unwanted”. We can no longer take care of them. My parents recently split leading to my mom having to move in with me and my husband. She has two dogs and one cat that we need to find a home for asap. Please help. 4056024991

lrc7815 profile image
lrc7815 12 months ago from Central VirginiaLevel 2 Commenter
I love this hub. It is informative, compassionate, and resourceful but the best part is that your love for animals shines through in every word. I am glad I found it and will share, share, share.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 12 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Maura, sorry for getting back to you so late, I have been traveling. The situation you are in is burdensome. I hope that things get better for your parents as well. However, after you’ve exhausted all possibilities as mentioned above, you could also see if any of your mother’s friends are willing to help out. Or, you could also build an outside space for the animals and encourage your mother to help take care of them. Please do not dump them. Ask everyone you know, she knows, your dad knows, post signs, and then ask everyone again.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 12 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Thank you so much lrc7815! Please do share. There are so many avenues people can take and people should realize the responsibility having an animal really is. It’s preferable that the animal stay in a good and long-lasting home, but if issues come up, the owner should find a replacement home or contact their local human society for help. Thanks, again!

Ms P 12 months ago
I have 2 dogs that I need to find a good loving home for. I have had them for over 5 years and just can’t give them the care that they need.
Lola 5approx., fixed female @ chip white maltese
Midgette, approx. 6, black chiwawa
have stayed inside since I have had them.
Durham, NC

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 12 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Ms. P. 5 years is a very long time. There must be something you can do to help your animals. I find that most people have routines or health problems that prevent them from taking care of those animals. It does not sound like you have either, but I can’t be sure. In any case, I strongly recommend that you find a forever home for these animals. Do not dump them or pass them off to someone you do not trust. Also, and this may sound harsh, do not get another animal again. If you are keeping them cooped up, it is not healthy for them or for you! Call your local veterinarians and ask for their assistance. DO NOT GIVE UP ON THEM! Thank you.

jasmine 12 months ago
I know someone with 2 wiener dogs and probably a dozen cats. None of them are fixed and every time they have a liter of kittens they all die or are killed by another animal in the house. They all have fleas and they house is destroyed from them. I want to call the aspca on them but all the shelters require a donation with every animal. These animals need out of this environment especially with kids in the house. Please help

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 12 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Jasmine, call the police. This is a clear violation to health code laws and zoning laws. The police will come and do an investigation and call the appropriate authorities to remove the animals. As an example, in my county, we are only allowed 3 dogs per residential structure. Any more than that requires a kennel license. A violation of that law is considered a misdemeanor. YOU do not need to put your own health at risk. Call the police and report it. I hope this helps!

meaca 10 months ago
How can I get rid of my dog he is a long haired dashund…….

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 10 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Meaca, please do your best to keep and provide a loving home for your dashund, but if you MUST, call a dashund rescue. They are actually quite a few of them out there. DO NOT DUMP THEM. If you live near Idaho, you can take them to the nearest ASPCA.

Lily c 9 months ago
I have three little kittens that need a forever home. The mother was at our new home when we moved out. We let her in and later found her to be pregnant. Shortly after the kittens were born the mom was able to get outside and did not come back 🙁 Unfortunately we do not have the means to keep three cats I wish we did. Please help me to find a forever home for these sweet babies. Two female and one male. All black. We would appreciate any help from anyone please. We only have net access occasionally but will get back to anyone who is interested as soon as possible.

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 9 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Lily, it happens often that mothers will leave and not be able to come back. The scent is lost and they cannot return to care for their young. However, if you are willing, you can try to find farmers who may need a barn cat or two. Barn cats are used to keep crows and mice away. They even help keep gophers away from crops. Another option is to try to contact a feral cat program as well. Call as many organizations as you can, but please do not turn them out alone. Hope this helps.

Tyler 8 months ago
I completely understand what u are saying, I love animals, i have two cats that i can no longer care for. A I am not wealthy, and two out of my three kids are allergic to the cats, money comes for their medicine and special mattresses, and cleaning of my vents etc….it’s expensive. I have tried every friend and the local SPCA no one can help, please help me. #804-437-6122. Richmond Va Tyler

dragonflycolor profile image
dragonflycolor 8 months ago from IdahoHub Author
Tyler, if you can find a farm or even an assisted living space for them to go to, that would be more beneficial. I’m surprised the ASPCA would not accept your animal. Truthfully, they cannot deny you if you chose to leave them there without their approval, but I don’t know of any legal repercussions, if any. I don’t want you to do anything illegal or immoral, but I hope you have luck finding a suitable place for them. Start with the farms or the assisted living homes first, and then ask them for anyone they know.

Kylee 8 weeks ago
What do you recommend for re-homing an unwanted, unfriendly cat? I took in a cat named Fiona and gave her to my grandma and now she doesn’t want Fiona anymore. Fiona doesn’t like strangers and is very quick to hiss. She will never make in to a new home the way she is now but i cannot, CANNOT put her down. She’s only 3 and she has a whole life ahead of her but i know that no one will take her because of her temperament. I’ve emailed shelters but have gotten no response. My heart hurts for this cat and like i said, i can’t put her down. i need help!

Cass 7 weeks ago
This may be the best article I’ve read regarding the true aspects that people encounter regarding pets that require re-homing! I rescued a pit bull mix and refused any rental that wouldn’t accept him. However, I can see the issues some people and families face…to an extent at least. I live in the south where animals are euthanized by the 1000’s daily. Facebook is a great source to find (and donate to) local animal rescue groups. You can foster a dog or cat for a few weeks that will be sent to a shelter up north that has “no kill” laws. I found my sweet boy from a local rescue. On a side note…always call the local animal control on dogs and cats and any pets that are roaming country or city roads. It’s better they’re picked up by local authorities to find their owners or a new home than to be harmed by a vehicle. Bottom line…awesome article #dragonflycolor!!!

dawnatilla 4 weeks ago
excuse me, but why is a farm the last resort compared with those jails and death camp places you listed above? seems to me the farm might be the best !
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