Nadar Caste Actors in Tamil Cinema List

Do you want to know who all are the Nadar caste ators in the Tamil cinema industry? We have the whole list here which includes all the names of the actors from Nadar community.

Today's Message: For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

Nadars are the group of people present mainly in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and in Sri Lanka. Nadars forms the majority in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu and where traditionally the palmyra tree cultivators. Nadars are the peaceful people who doesn’t like unnecessary arguments. The kings Chera caste are also Nadar only.

Nadars present in Kerala speaks Malayalam as their mother tongue and the Nadars present in the Tamil Nadu speaks Tamil as their mother tongue but both are same group of the people only. But due to their location, they speak different languages and practice the culture of the respective states. Nadars has ruled a small part of ancient Tamilagam.

Nadar Actors List

  • Sarath Kumar
  • Seeman
  • Vadivelu
  • Parthiban

There are many Nadars who are entrepreneurs in India, Sri Lanka and western countries like UK, USA and Canada. Nadars are not just hard works, they work smartly and are very smart to handle different types of the jobs. Most can do any tasks assigned to them.

Nadars are also present in politics such as ‘Naam Thamilar party’ is run by Seeman who is from the Nadar community but the party is not based on caste. Most shops in the Chennai Ranganathan Street is controlled by Nadars only. There is also subcastes and branches within the Nadar society.

All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi is a political party run by Sarathkumar who is also a Nadar. Today Nadars can be seen in all types of the business and works. The Tiruvarudi Vaihunda Nadan is considered as a guru in the Nadar society. There are also many Christian Nadars who were converted by the missionaries.

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