Nutrigain and NutriSlim Capsules Side Effects, Benefits, Price & Review

Are you too slim or so big? Worried about the appearance of your body? Need to gain or lose your body weight? Thinking about trying the Nutrigain or NutriSlim powder? You should read this post before making any decision

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No one is perfect, everyone is overweight or underweight today due to the eating habits of the modern society. But if you want to look perfect then it is much possible. It all depends upon how much you are interested and dedicated in doing the things.

Nutrigain or NutriSlim: Which I have to choose?

The nutrigain capsules are for the people who are underweight and the nutrislim capsules are for the people who are overweight. If you see the package, the nutrigain looks oval in shape and nutrislim is in curve shape. I think it’s really a good design and it tells about the product.

The product is available both in the capsule and in the powder form. The product is also available in the name of Nutrigain Plus and Nutrislim Plus. There are also different flavours of the product for producing different taste such as chocolate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nutrigain & Nutrislim Capsules


You can increase or decrease your body weight by using these products in the proper way. You can’t see the results in the next day since this is not a magic but you can slowly feel the change on you. You have to use it continuously and should not stop in between. You can stop using the product once you achieve the right body weight for you. But you should maintain the proper eating and regular workout habit.

Does it have side effects?

The powder is made from the natural ingredients and components. So there is no toxic chemicals in the powder. So there is nothing to worry about but the pregnant women and the feeding women should not use the products. Always ask your doctor whether you can take it or not before using it.

Points to Consider

  • The price of the product is little bit costly and if you can’t afford the price, then you can find any other alternative and cheaper way.
  • You have to eat it constantly and if you forget then it won’t work.
  • This is a herbal product which is not tested by the doctors.
  • This may not produce the expected result to you and there is no warranty or guarantee for the product.
  • Small children below 8 years old, pregnant ladies and diabetes patients should not eat this.


How Nutrigain works?

Nutrigain consist of the ayurvedic herbals which has the ability to increase the body mass. It will decrease your body metabolism which means that the food you eat will be stored more time in your body and all the nutritions from the food will be conquered by your body without simply disposing it.

You also need to try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables since Nutrigain can’t work without the proper food. Nutrigain is a supporting factor for your body and not the food. So try to eat as much you can.

How Nutrislim works?

Nutrislim is made from the ayurvedic herbs which can reduce the body mass of a person. It helps to decrease the metabolism of your body and so the food which you inhale will be disposed without consuming the carbohydrates, fat and cholesterols into your body. So you can reduce your body structure.

You must do regular exercise to make your body in shape and try to be in a proper diet. Eat the required amount of the food and not in excess. Measure your body weight regularly and monitor it. You must see the results slowly but surely.

How to use it?

Add 2 spoons of the powder in a warm glass of milk and drink it twice everyday in the morning and in the evening. Do this regularly for a month and you will see the change in your body. The changes won’t reflect in a single day and it needs some time.


  • Do not buy the product if the seal is broken or damaged. Always buy it from the authentic dealer.
  • Use the product within one month of time after opening it for the best results.
  • Close it tight after every use, air contact can make it ineffective.
  • Don’t keep it in direct sunlight, keep it in cool and in dry place. Do not refrigerate it.
  • The pregnant women and diabetes patients should not take this herbal powder without your doctor’s notice.

What is the correct body size?

A person needs to have the weight according to the height of the body. So the healthy weight value differs among person to person. Check your height and then compare it with your weight according to the weight chart given below. The weight was given in Pound (lbs) and so don’t confuse it with Kilograms. Example: 100 Pounds = 45.36 Kilograms. We have also included the table in Kilograms below.

Height in CentimeterWeight in Kilograms


The price of the Nutrigain and Nutrislim differs according to the amount and weight. You can buy it cheap if you order from Amazon than from other dealers. Amazon will also give you the real product and you may get fake product if you buy from other websites or stores.

As of July 2016, the price of Ayurwin Nutrigain Plus 30 capsules pack is Rs 239 and Ayurwin Nutrigain Plus 60 capsules pack is Rs 400. Ayurwin Nurtigain Chocolate flavoured 500 grams powder is RS 735 and Ayurwin Nutrigain Powder 500 gram + Ayurwin Nutrigain Plus 60 capsules is only 1,388. The price can change any time according to the availability and demand of the product.

Buy Nutrigain

Here you can buy the original Nutrigain products. Due to the popularity of the herbal powder, there are many fake products with the same name is out on the market. So, be careful while buying it. That’s why you have to choose Amazon.

Buy Nutrislim

Here you can buy the original Nutrislim products. Buy original, the fake product will do nothing and even might cause serious health problems to you. Think twice about the website before ordering it.

There are also some other products which are good for improving or decreasing the body weight & height such as the Accumass, Endura Mass, Mass Gainer, Nutricharge Gainer, NUTRI HEIGHT CAPS, Super Instant POHA PLUS, Organonutri Super Instant Poha, Organonutri Porridge, Organonutri Oats Upma Box, Himalaya Wellness Ayurslim, Herbalife Formula 1 Shake, PURE GARCINIA CAMBOGIA, MuscleBlaze Fat Burner, VLCC Shape Up Waist and Tummy Trim Gel, Garcinia Cambogia Max, British Nutrition Slimlife, HealthVit FATNILE Natural Fat Burner and Wow Green Coffee Plus.

Is Weight Loss Harder for Men or Women?

People’s opinions & comments
Women, ever heard about the Leptin hormone?(fat burning hormone) Men have (not really accurate, just for giving an idea) 25 of leptin, very active. Women have 75, but its working very lazy. With the right diets they can activate this hormone to even go faster when it comes to fat loss. So yeah…. Ladies. If you wanna lose weight, search for Leptin, and do some research.
Women, They have more fatty tissues.Men lose it quicker than women but i see they put it back on quicker too.
So Nutrigain and Nutri slim works different for both boys and girls?
Women have a harder time losing weight than men, no question about that. And men burn fat faster. And, men age better.
I wish I could burn that fat that you talk about faster….but I can not…not at my age unless I really want to go on a much stricter diet to find just the right foods to eat and eliminate most or all of certain foods. That and a lot more exercise then I presently perform…which is actually a lot more than most of the people my age …but apparently not enough. As for the aging part….tell me if I have aged well…now at 58
Child birth the #1 reason why ladies have over weight issues. Emotional issues also compulsive over eating is a close second.
Control of any over weight problem can be successfully addressed with a special diet, special exercise and proper rest.
Having slender healthy parents and grandparents is a big plus for weight control.
I like to use Nutrigain capsules but just afraid that it will give any side effects but will try it after reading this review.
Women have an extra layer of fat over their stomach so it makes it harder to lose weight and slim down
Women are expected to look good no matter what for the men. Men have this stuff called testosterone and muscle mass to burn those calories. It helps.
The price of Nutri slim has reduced now and hope it will give benefits when using it.
Me, I honestly don’t even care… no matter your gender, being overweight sucks and can have a huge effect on your self-esteem and confidence. Overweight men feel insecure as well.
Women, men don’t carry as much fat as women. we carry it because of our ability to have kids.
Women, it’s a known scientific fact: Testosterone leads ti muscle mass and increased metabolism. Men are naturally lower in fat (percentage) than women. Lucky us :p. In addition, muscles consume energy even at rest.
Women, no matter how much weight my wife loses, she’ll still have a 250 lb ass. Me…
Women, My husband gives up drinking Budweiser for Bud light and loses weight I give up everything and eat lettuce go to the gym daily and am lucky to lose an ounce…LOL. I hate how long and how hard it is to lose weight.
Women, No question about it….Firstly we are born with more fat cells than men, because we are designed to give life to another human. Whatever fat men have is generally between their ears…or in their beer guts…
On average women, never mind that the world’s heaviest person was a man.
Me, one glance down the street shows me the number of men who are pregnant with twins or triplets. They must be. They couldn’t get a belly that large any other way.
Yet in the more affluent areas there are few fat women.
There is pressure on them to maintain their figure and it is that pressure which makes it easier. They are supported every step of the way by others around them. Now in the poorer areas it is quite different. Women only maintain their figure until they catch their man. Then they give up.
Eemales put on more weight while guys have more muscle. way harder for girls. It’s quite a challenge for me to gain weight. Then again, that’s an average.
Women, that’s what I’ve always heard. I get the impression overall women are more oral than men.
Girls, basal metabolic rates are slower, on average, for women than for men. That’s a fact. And an unfortunate one.
It’s not about gender. It’s about how efficient your liver can store fat and how much carbs you eat.
Every time I go out to eat, I look at the fat women’s plates and see nothing but bread, potato, and heavy pastas. I would love a plate of whatever they have, but luckily the hubby reminds me to order a salad.
Averages aside, this is true. Of my immediate family, the male members have/had more issues, procrastination being one of them (talk about poor willpower!), with weight loss. If the gender-weight association were the carved-in-stone truth, the world’s heaviest person would’ve been female.
Girls by a long shot.. and I think it may be easier for women to gain weight. They have more fat tissues.
Women, I heard several doctors say that the main reason is that the woman’s body wants to hold on to extra in case of a baby who would need the extra nutrition.
Women, I’m no expert, but I have heard that the type of fat that resides in the butt and thighs is harder to get rid of than belly fat, and men usually only have excess belly fat while women carry both. Also heard that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn, and men tend to have more muscle. It’s rarely easy for anyone, though.
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