Pallar Caste Tamil Actors List

Like to know who all are the Pallar Caste Tamil Actors? Here is the full list of Heros who all are belongs to the Pallar Tamil Caste Community.

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Pallars are the one of the oldest Dravidian people who lives mainly in the Indian states of the Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. They are known for their hunting and old Tamil lifestyle. Pallar is also known as the Mallar Caste Tamil actors.

They are mostly the low income workers and lives in a poor condition, but the situation is being changing rapidly. They are now dominating in various fields and business not only in Tamil Nadu but also in abroad like USA, Canada, Malaysia.

Pallar Caste Tamil Actors Name

These are the actors who came from the pallar caste community.

  • Cheran.
  • Chiyaan Vikram.
  • Imman D (Music Director).
  • Ponnambalam (Actor).
  • Prasanth (Actor).
  • Saravanan M (Director).
  • Suseenthiran (Director).

There are also many celebrites from pallar caste in the other fields who got many achievements. You should take them as your role models in your life and do well in what you do. There are also many online matrimonial services available for the mallar caste community to choose groom and the bride. So make use of them.‎ You can also check the Paraiyar Caste Tamil Actors and the Scheduled Caste Actors in Tamil Cinema for the additional information.

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