Patta Chitta Online [Free Patta in 10 Minutes]

Do you want Free Patta for your home or land in 1 hour? Need Patta without giving Lanjam money? Read here for getting your Patta Chitta online

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Today, it is almost impossible to get the government services, orders and job vacancies without paying the bribes. Corruption becomes the cancer of Tamil Nadu and India today. This can only be solved by applying for all government services through the online portal. So you no need to go to the government office or meet a government employee to pay any bribe and so the service has to be provided to you automatically.

Now the Government of Tamil Nadu has started a scheme called Patta Chitta Online which is the service to provide you the Patta and related documents by applying in online. You you can just do this from your home or a browsing center and so you no need to walk to the taluk office or the municipality.

How To View Patta Chitta Land Records Online

You need to know few information about your property to check the records of the Patta and the Chitta. You can find these in your patharam. The items marked with * are must be entered.

  • District *
  • Taluk *
  • Village *
  • Patta Number (பட்டா எண்) *
  • Survey Number *
  • Sub Division Number

Please enter the above information here to view the Patta or the chitta. You can also view the A-Register Extract here. To get the correct details, please enter the correct land documents number and then you can view your Patta Chitta Online.

If you are a Android mobile user then you can download the Amma Android App for checking your land records quickly. You can get the Amma App on the official Google Play store website.

This is one of the easiest way to view and you no need to go to the Gov office everyday to check it. Please register the births and the deaths in your local municipality and so you won’t get any problem while name changing in your patta or during the subdivision of your land.

Hope this article helps you and you can comment some useful information about what you know about the Patta or how to get the patta quickly. eservices gov, eservices gov eservicesnew switch act, etc bellow.

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