Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, Sbarro: Best?

Do you want to know the best between the Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Little Caesars and Sbarro? Read here the people’s opinion about the taste, delivery, hygienic and more here.

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Domino’s – If we’re talking about chains, I prefer Domino’s, even though it isn’t as good since they changed the crust and the sauce. At least you can order the marinara sauce instead of that evil, sugary new sauce. But the best pizza on the planet is found at Giovanni’s Mountain Pizza in Mill City, Oregon–especially during mushroom season when you can get fresh morels on your pizza. Mmmmmmmmmm!
Other – A good old neighborhood pizza place is better then the chains any day.
Other – Deez nuts…… Rahahahaha.
Pizza Hut – Little Caesar’s tastes like it came from a public school cafeteria, EXCEPT their deep dish bacon-wrapped pizza, Pizza Hut has the best tasting crust, never had Sbarro, so I can’t judge them, I only like Papa John’s cheeseburger pizza and I’ve never liked Domino’s.
Little Caesars – Get in , get a pizza , get out. Doesn’t hurt that it’s tasty , either.
Pizza Hut – Domino’s shouldn’t even qualify as pizza, let alone human food.
Other – We have 2 choices for pizza out here, I haven’t had any of these others in about 15 years. I love our take n bake pizza place. Privately owned and operated. The lady that owns and runs it is sweet and she makes awesome pizzas.
Other – all of them sk, local pizza places are better.
Other – vitos is a local chain around here and also cottage inn pizza really good ones are localchains here.
Other – I prefer Round Table.
Domino’s – There’s heaps in NZ
Pizza Hut – cause if i’m not in the mood for pizza like my bud,there’s taco bell right next to it.
Other – Numero Uno thick crust.
There is no best pizza chain. They pretty much all suck. The best pizza I ever had was not in the U.S. it was in Germany. Three Italian brothers made fresh from scratch pizzas everyday. They were inexpensive and they were the best pizzas in the world. They were amazing. One 12 in pizza and a beer would fill you up and it was great!
Other – ZPizza
Domino’s – No frickin contest. They have Brooklyn style, which rocks. The Pizza Hut where I live used to be good, but now its ran by a bunch of meth addicts.
Other – Pizzeria. None of them are any good. The only good Pizzas come from the small privately owned. A couple of months ago, i bought a large from domino’s, with 3 toppings.. it was 17 bucks. it was flavorless and they skimped on the toppings, hardly any cheese, bland sauce, cardboard crust (mind you. this was the first time trying dominos).. i could have went across the street and bought a pizza thousands of miles better for 5 bucks less.
Papa John’s – Right, I do get sick of it actually but I will have to go for that.
Other pizza – Digiorno’s pizza.
Other – There is no such thing as a good pizza chain. All of them are mediocre at best. Some parts of the US have such a serious pizza quality deficiency that the chain restaurants are considered good. But they still suck compared to local places that bake from scratch.
Domino’s – But, you havent had pizza until youve had a deep dish in Chicago from Pizzeria Uno,Dos or Giordanos. You can not finish a pizza alone. None of them… you will die trying
Little Caesars – Although I like all of them, little Ceasers is my favorite as well as Pizza Hut 🙂 pizzas awesome!
Other – Marco’s & Papa Murphy’s
Other – Zorba’s. It is a local chain by San Francisco. What I like about them is that they aren’t afraid to put extra cheese on their pies when you ask for it, and you can get a good string from their cheese, which is a rare and you can’t find in large chains.
Papa John’s!! Domino’s a close second place as far as Pizza Chains are concerned! Nothing beats the local pizzeria..but Papa John’s is the best of the chain gang.
Other – Pizza My Heart had the best pizza! I also love DNA Pizza in SF. I didn’t know Sbarro was still around
Other – A good old neighborhood pizza place is better then the chains any day.
I don’t care… Pizza is pizza. As long as its not plastic or tasstes crap ill eat it! To me all pizzas taste the same so no need to fuss… or have a hissy fit… xD
Other – Chains tend to serve pizza that is mediocre at best, edible but unmemorable. We have a few local chains in Seattle that are pretty good, but the best comes from small restaurants.
Other – I don’t go to any of those places, but there’s a pizzeria near my house, LOVE IT
Other Pizza Chain- Yellow Cab Pizza, in the Philippines puts all these franchises to shame. And it’s not even the best one…All the ones mentioned are just fast food, yuck.
Other – The local joint. And Papa John’s sucks. Little Caesars never has a hot and ready pizza ready.
I like Pizza Hut’s crust and Papa John’s sauce but if I really want good pizza in my area I go to Andolini’s which is a small chain with several restaurants around here.
If you live in the Phoenix Area, there’s a local chain called “Streets of New York” which is very very good. Also, Rosatis.
Luciano Pizzaria! The only authentic Italian restaurant that is actually comparable to what pizza is like in Italy.
The chains are ok at best out of these Pizza Hut is best. The best chain I’ve had is papa Murphy’s
If mom were to own a pizza chain, I would choose hers. She makes yummy pizza. Oh, well, there is a popular pizzeria in my city called Mamma Mia. Theirs is amazing!
Pizza Hut – can’t eat pizza, but I love Wing Street Wings so it is pizza hut for me.
Other – fun time’s pizza
There are several pizza restaurants in Las Vegas that are better than the national chains. Give me an old world style thin hand tossed crust, a good sauce, fresh lightly sauteed vegetables and meat, freshly shredded mozzarella and I’m happy.
locally- Dominoes is best managed. Pizza Slut and Pooper John’s sux.
Of the ones listed, Dominos is best in the USA (though Pizza Hut has some incredible variety in the Middle East and Asia, but here in the USA they think that offering some flavored crust edges and “sauce drizzles” qualifies as imaginative variety). But, I would have to go for “Other” — and how do you define “chain”? Any that has more than one restaurant even if they’re all in one town somewhere? Only national or worldwide chains? How about regional?
Well, depends. In early 2009, Dominos tied for last place with Chuck E. Cheese as the worst-tasting national pizza chain in a national taste test. Both chains had (at least at one time) the advantage of doing something that nobody else did. In the case of Chuck E. Cheese, it was more a fun place that parents could take the kids to for an evening (or weekend or summer break lunch time) of entertainment, fun, and basically edible if not exactly tasty food. You couldn’t get that at, oh, say, Pizza Hut or Mr. Gatti’s. Dominos’s advantage was being the first and for several years only national restaurant chain of any kind that delivered. If you didn’t want to (or couldn’t) leave home, but also didn’t want to cook or just slap some snack together and wanted something hot and edible if not exactly tasty, then Dominos was your only choice.

Neither of them made tasty pizza because neither of them had to. There have been local and regional pizza chains that had similar advantages that likewise made mediocre-at-best pizza, such as the now-defunct Roaring 20s Pizza-n-Pipes south of Tampa, FL, that was built around a working Mighty Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. People went there to be entertained by the pipe organ music while eating some edible hot food, not because the pizza was actually good. (Sadly, YouTube no longer supports the old-style embed code that SodaHead implements, so it’s no longer possible to embed YouTube videos into SodaHead posts, at least not until the SH programmers get to work updating the ancient code that drives this site, so click here for a video of this place at its height.)

Anyway, delivery was something that other chains could start doing, and many did including Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Mr. Gatti’s, etc. Dominos could no longer rely on their uniqueness in this regard.

Anyway, the then-new Dominos CEO, when he saw the taste test results and realized that “Avoiding the Noid” wouldn’t cut it anymore, recognized that they actually had to start making good pizza if they wanted to compete. Over the years since then they have completely revamped their pizza recipe from the ground up: crust, sauce, everything. They added a line of USA regional-themed specialty pizzas called the American Legends, a line of gourmet pizzas on a special Artisan Crust, added a sweeter Robusto sauce in addition to the old Marinara and the other sauces (e.g. Alfredo) available on specialty pizzas, and much more. Most recently, last year they replaced the Ultimate Deep Dish crust with the Handmade Pan crust which has been repeatedly reviewed by both amateurs and pro food reviewers as being considerably better than Pizza Hut’s signature Personal Pan Pizza crust.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut has been bought out by Yum! Brands, a conglomerate that also has taken over KFC, A&W, Taco Bell, etc., and most people I know who remember how those used to be agree that they have all gone downhill in quality. (KFC in particular has become a pale shadow of Colonel Sanders’s excellent Kentucky Fried Chicken.) Pizza Hut has also recently tried to add variety, but they think that giving us some dry crust-edge flavors and “sauce drizzles” suffices.

Both have branched out beyond pizza. Pizza Hut has Wing Street wings, and Dominos had wings for years. Pizza Hut was the first to have pastas (Tuscani Pastas in two national varieties [Chicken Alfredo and Meaty Marinara, with Bacon Mac & Cheese as a third alternative in some regions]), while more recently Dominos added Pasta Bowls (including breadbowls) in considerably more variety including choosing your own up to three ingredients (anything that they can put on a pizza, they can put in a pasta bowl). Dominos also has oven-toasted sub sandwiches that I put well above Subway and a smidge below Quiznos in taste. They also have Stuffed Cheesy Bread, and something truly unique called Specialty Chicken (basically like the Stuffed Cheesy Breads but replacing the bread with breaded chicken strips)

My local pizza house is the best but to vote out of these i love pizza hut! Dominos is sooo dry!
I really don’t know. Pizza is Pizza and its good either way except when its from Little Caesars. Little Caesars taste like middle school pizza, its only good when you’re really hungry and its the only Pizza place near by when you’re on your way home. I swear they just make a crap load of Pizza just to give it to a random person who just so happened to want that type of Pizza. It’s usually sitting there all day.
Other – Pizza Plus for me. They deliver, and since they’re less than 5 miles away, we get them hot. They have a great selection of toppings and specialty pizzas along with a lunch buffet. Only problem is, I can’t eat as much as I would like to, or once could.
We have a couple of very good local pizzerias in our town. The worst ever is a Papa John’s down the street. I’ve had decent pizza from that chain but this particular location is honestly about the nastiest I’ve ever tried in NY, CA or FL.
Other – Mountain Mikes.
Got a couple of local chains here, Carbone’s and Red’s Savoy.
Other – Round Table
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