Reasons for Indian Visa Rejection

Have your visa to travel in India rejected or you need to know that will you have problem for getting the Indian visa accepted? You can check the reasons here.

  1. Pakistan Citizen: There are problems for Pakistani citizens to visit India after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. So, there are extra care is taken for allowing Pakistani citizens into India.
  2. People Who Visited Pakistan Before: If you have visited Pakistan before traveling to India then it might cause you the problem since the Indian authorities doesn’t want anyone who are influenced or brainwashed in that country. So if you want to travel to Pakistan and India as a tourist then you can better travel to India first.
  3. People of Pakistani Origin: You might be a citizen of United Kingdom but your origin might be from Pakistan and this might cause you trouble. Since, the Indian authorities may think you might have some Pakistan influence.
  4. Apply Visa For Entering Restricted Area: You will need Protected Area Permit (PAP) for visiting the restricted area. The restricted areas are the parts of the states of Manipur, parts of Mizoram, parts of Arunachal Pradesh, full State of Nagaland and Sikkim, parts of Uttaranchal, parts of Jammu and Kashmir and parts of the Rajasthan.
  5. Providing False Reasons: If you provide any wrong information in your visa application and if the reviewer finds it then your application will be rejected. So, always give the original information.
  6. Previous Visa Refusals: This might also cause some delay in approving the visa application for your stay in India.
  7. Bangladeshi Citizens: People from Bangladesh may not be allowed to enter certain parts of India which has links to the partition of India.

The above reasons are political and nothing is due to the religion or the culture of the people. Hope the Indian government will lift its restrictions based on the countries.

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