What is Reference Name in India & Address in Visa application? [Guide]

Are you wondering what to type for the Reference Name in India? Here you can know what reference name and address in India you should provide to get your Indian Visa application approved. This is part of the series on, ‘Indian Visa Application Form Guide’. So you can also check other articles on the series.
Indian Visa Online Application Form Guide
If you are a tourist or a person coming for business to India then Indian government wants to know where will you stay during your trip to India. So they have added a field to enter your details on it. This is what they mean as ‘reference in India’. See also: Reasons to refuse the visa to visit India.Reference name and address in India visa application for tourists

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reference details for indian business visa

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How to fill reference name and address in India?

As a tourist:

  • Reference Name in India* – Name of the hotel/building which you will be staying.
  • Address* – Address line 1 of the hotel; Address line 2 of the hotel.
  • Phone* – Hotel phone number.

As for business visa:

  • Reference Name in Indιa* – Name of the person whom you will meet.
  • Address* – Address line 1 of the person; Address line 2 of the person.
  • Phone* – His/her phone number.

Make sure you are including the full address such as street name, city, state, PIN code of the place in which you will spend your days in India. If you are going to stay in multiple locations then it is enough to give just one of them.

Example for the Tourist Visa:

In case you are going to stay in Taj Hotel in Chennai as a tourist then you have to fill like the below in your visa application form.

  • Reference Name in India* – TAJ HOTEL
  •                     TAMIL NADU – 600034 INDIA
  • Phone* – +91 44 66002098

Example for the Business Visa:

In case, you are going to meet Mr. Raj at Chennai, India then you have to fill like the example given below.

  • Reference Name in India* – RAJ CHENGAPPA,
    CHENNAI – 600034 INDIA
  • Phone* – +91 120 4807100

Note: If you are applying for a business visa

List the full name, address and phone number of whom you will be meeting with while being in India. This must be the same contact listed on your business and invitation letters.

You have also need to submit your address of country from which you are traveling from, in the online application form. Always try to give the correct information. Thank you for visiting India and have a happy journey. You can check for the various tourist attractions across the country. If you have further doubts please ask below.


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