Tamil Chettinad Samayal Kurippu Tips [Secrets Exposed]

Here are the Chettinadu samayal tips and tricks which are being kept as the secrets by the people of the Chettinadu but now they are no more a secret and so learn the Chettinad samayal kurippu tips here.

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Rice Vadagam Recipe

When you have excess rice food at your home then it can’t be used next day. All you can do is to add water to it and eat it as ‘palaya sooru’ on the next day. But you can make Vadagam from it instead of eating it as the palaya soru.

Just add some water to the excess rice at the night and on the morning remove all water from the rice. Now grind the rice in a mixer and heat it slightly. Now you will get a rice paste. Now, take a towel or a plate and put the rice paste in small small rounds and keep it in the sun light.

This is one of the samayal samayal of the Chettinadu. So, you no longer have to waste the extra food or no need to eat the palaya sooru.

Wash Vegetables Before Cutting Them

When you cut the vegetables with knife and then wash it, all its nutrition content will go in the water. Then there will be no proteins and vitamins in the cooked food. If you want to remove the dust, dirt and the gems from the vegetables then you should just wash them before slicing them into pieces. This is one of the Samayal Kurippu for the women.

Use Ginger, Pepper Powder to Increase Taste

Avoid products like Ajinomoto which are harmful to our health. The samayal tip is just use the Indian masalas such as the ginger, pepper powder, fennel, cumin, white poppy seeds (kus kus), coconut, lemon and others to increase the taste. These not only increase the taste but it will also has medicinal values which is good for your health.

Avoid Processed Foods

Don’t eat the food next day even if it has refrigerated. Since loses its taste and it’s bad for health. But you can eat dry fish, orukaai etc.,. which are meant to be eaten after some days. But fish is more healthy than the dry fish.

Avoid Eating Parotta

It has been banned in the state of Kerala. There are many harmful chemicals are being used to prepare the parotta powder. So if you really like its taste and wants to eat it then just try to eat only once in a month and not daily.

If you like to eat Chettinadu food then try to find the best restaurant in your city and have your meal. Nowadays, there are Chettinadu food stalls everywhere but non of them are the authentic Chettinad recipe.

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