Telugu Brahmins Surnames and Gotras List

Like to know Telugu Brahmins Surnames and Gotras List? Know about all the surnames and the gotras of the Brahmins present in the Andhra Pradesh, Yanam (U.T) and Telangana states of India

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Brahmins lives in the Telugu region for thousands of years and many of them are Aryans. They do pujas and prayers to the Hindu Gods. They works mostly in the temple complex but now many are even in the IT field and in other works due to the technology development but they didn’t leave their surnames and the gotras.

Here is the list of Telugu Brahmins Surnames and Gotras. These surnames are used only by the Telugu brahmins and native to them.

  • Aradhyas Brahmins
  • Madhavas Brahmins
  • Niyogi Brahmins
  • Smaarta Brahmins
  • Sri Vaishnavas Brahmins
  • Vaidiki Brahmins
    • Kosalanadu Vaidiki Brahmins
    • Muluknadu Vaidiki Brahmins
    • Velanadu Vaidiki Brahmins
    • Venginadu Vaidiki Brahmins

The Vaidiki Brahmins are further divided into four smaller groups based on the region where they live. Each of them has different surnames and has some difference among them but all are Brahmins and are related to each other in many things.

They are spread over the parts of the union territory of Puducherry and in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. They looks little different than the Telugu people in looks and in the Telugu dialogue spoken by them. But they are also Telugus only and if you have any question then ask us in the bottom.

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