Thiruvannamalai Girivalam Distance, History, Benefits & Timings

Do you want to go to the Thiruvannamalai for attending the Girivalam? Need to know the information about the Thiruvannamalai Girivalam Distance, its history, what benefits it will give to you & the girivalam timings? Here we has all the information!

The girivalam in Thiruvannamalai occurs for a day every month, mostly between 15th to 25th of every month. Just check the full moon (Powrami) on your calander for next Girivalam.

Date Day Start Timing End Timing
23-Jan-2016 Saturday 23-Jan 10:55 AM 24-Jan 10:45 AM
21-Feb-2016 Sunday 21-Feb 4:10 AM 22-Feb 04:05 AM
22-Mar-2016 Tuesday 22-Mar 01:47 PM 23-Mar 02:45 PM
21-Apr-2016 Thursday 21-Apr 10:55 PM 22-Apr 12:31 PM
21-May-2016 Saturday 21-May 08:30 AM 22-May 09:00 AM
19-Jun-2016 Sunday 19-Jun 01:50 PM 20-Jun 02:22 PM
19-Jul-2016 Tuesday 19-Jul 09:50 AM 20-Jul 10:15 AM
30-Jul-2016 Tuesday 30-Jul 07:38 PM 31-Jul 03:40 PM
17-Aug-2016 Thursday 17-Aug 02:20 AM 18-Aug 01:40 PM
16-Sep-2016 Friday 16-Sep 09:15 PM 17-Sep 08:15 AM
15-Oct-2016 Saturday 15-Oct 01:40 PM 16-Oct 12:55 PM
13-Nov-2016 Sunday 13-Nov 09:05 PM 14-Nov 05:04 PM
13-Dec-2016 Tuesday 13-Dec 12:10 PM 14-Dec 10:40 PM

The total Girivalam distance is around 15 KMS and you have to walk 15 kilometers with your legs to complete it. The Girivalam history starts from a very old time period when some siddhas started to walk.

The Girivalam benefits is that your sins will be removed. You will no longer has a rebirth and you will only stay in the heaven. These are the things you should know before you attend the Thiruvannamalai Girivalam.


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