TNEB Online Payment Android Mobile App [Download]

Do you want to pay Tamil Nadu electricity bill online through mobile? Now you can pay the TNEB electric bill with this Android App.

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Standing in the queue for hours for paying the electricity bill leaving all other works is really a painful process. The technology has grown very fast and still using the old systems is the waste of time.

How to register tneb online payment?

You can pay in 2 different ways, one is by paying in the TNEB website and the other is by paying in Android App. Paying with the mobile application is easier than the TNEB website since you have to fill really a lot of details.

Make you of your Android mobile phone to improve your lifestyle and don’t just use it for making the calls and SMS. Below is the procedure to pay the bill easily through online without any problems.

  • First download the Android App at Google Play Store (
  • Select language as English or Tamil.
  • Register for an account.
  • Enter your debit card details to pay your bill.
  • Receive the receipt at your Email and as the SMS.
  • Use the receipt for any future reference and clarifications.

The application contains no advertisement and free to use. With this application, you can pay the bill 24/7 but sometimes there might be some downtime but it is usually for few minutes. You can check back after some time and try again and the bill will be paid.

Now you can pay faster just sitting at your home and this is really helpful for the older generation people and the persons who are going to the office and other jobs.

Now you can save hours of time and travel charges to the TNEB station and you can use those hours for other useful works. You can also pay it through the TNEB official website but it involves a number of process which many users find difficult to fill out.

If you have any doubts regarding the app or any other useful information then please try to exchange with the other users by commenting in the below form.

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