Unwanted 72 vs iPill vs Plan B vs Mala-D: Which One is Better? [Answer]

Want to know the difference between Unwanted 72, iPill, Plan B and Mala-D? Which one is the best to use and how they actually works? Here you can find it out.

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Unwanted 72 vs iPill vs Mala-D

Both the Unwanted 72 and the iPill are emergency contraception (also known as morning after pill) which are used to stop the pregnancy from the undesired sudden sexual exposure. Mala D is an oral contraceptive pill which is meant for birth control for the regular sexual activities.

As the name indicates, the unwanted 72 tablet has to be taken within 24 hours of the act and if you take it after 72 hours then it will have no effect on stopping the pregnancy. iPill is also the same, you have to take it in first 24 hours to work effectively. Does the morning after pills has to be taken on the morning only? No, you can take it as soon as possible.

You should not use unwanted 72 and ipill for regular usage. These are for unexpected sexual exposure only. If you want for regular use, then use the birth control pills like Mala D. Mala D is an oral contraceptive pill recommended by the government of India to control the population. Mala D has to be taken from the time of period to next 30 days, 1 pill every day.

Effectiveness, unwanted 72 and ipill will have 90% success rate and Mala-D has 95% success rate. Both has some side effects. How many Unwanted 72 / i-Pill has to be taken?  If you get vomit within 1 hour of taking the pill then you should eat a second pill otherwise one pill is enough. Usually 1.5 milligrams of dose is enough to stop the unwanted pregnancy.

You can try i-pill or unwanted 72 and can find which works better on your body. Unwanted 72 will be good for some women while ipill will be good for others. There are also other products. So what all are the other morning after pills? Aftera, Ella, Plan B and Take Action. If you have any further questions then please ask it below and we will answer the question within few minutes of time.

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