Vanniyar Caste Actors in Tamil Cinema List

Want to know the list of Vanniyar Caste Actors in Tamil Cinema? Check out here for the full names of the Vanniyars in the Kollywood industry.

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The Vanniyars are the warriors who had found wars bravely during the historical times. They form the majority in the Northern part of the Tamil Nadu today. Their number is also high in the places like the Dharmapuri. Pattali Makkal Katchi is the political party which represents the Vanniyar community.

Today, Vanniyars are everywhere and in the every business. They also present in the Tamil film industry which is known by the name Kollywood. They are good at trading and known for their hard working.

  • Chinna Ponnuswamy Padayachi (Guru of M.G.Ruru of Sivaji Ganesan)
  • Janakaraj
  • Kali.N.Rathnam (Guru of M.G.R)
  • Marumalarchi Bharathi (Director)
  • Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy
  • Rajakumaran (Director) (Actress Devayani’s husband)
  • Rajakumaran, Cinema Director (Actress Devayani’s husband)
  • Thangar Bachchan
  • Thellur M. Dharumarasan (Director)
  • Vadivukkarasi

There are many Vanniyars who were the guru of many current successful actors in the Tamil movie industry and have influenced many others and helped them to get success in their life. You can also try to go higher in your life like them. Share this post to let your friends know about these personalities.

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