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Velu Nachiyar (1760 – 1790)

In the eighteenth century, Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu was ruled by the Queen named Velu Nachiyar. She was a brave woman and the first Indian Queen to fight against the British East India Company by taking up arms and acts as the leader of the liberation struggle. She was the first women to do such as brave thing even before the Jancy Rani Lakshmi Bai. Velu Nachiyar’s caste is the ‘Servaikaran caste’ from the Kongulu street of Ramnad.

She was born on the 3rd January 1730 and ruled the Sivagangai Seemai from c. 1760 to c. 1790. She was a headache to the British empire. British tried various plans to defeat her which all are failed. She was good at archery, using various weapons and riding horses. She can speak not only the English but also French, Tamil, and Urdu which helps her to communicate with the people outside her kingdom and with the foreign traders.

She made a partnership with other rules such as Hyder Ali and the Gopala Nayaker to wage war against the whites. She found the storage place of British used to store bullets, guns, gun powders and other ammo. She set the fire to the place and destroyed all the weapons. She is the only female ruler in the history to gain control over her kingdom and to rule it for the next 10 years.

When she was ill, she inspired by the talents of the Marudu brothers and gave the control of her kingdom to them. She later died of the illness around the year 1780. She died at a young age, she only lived for 30 years. This becomes a great setback to her kingdom and her alliance. Later her kingdom collapsed and gone under the rule of the British people. You can read the velu nachiyar life history in Tamil language PDF below.

Velu Nachiyar Palace

Palace of Velu Nachiyar with Her Statue


It is not well know how her death has actually occurred but the sources say that she became so ill and can’t do her work and later she died in the palace. Her death becomes an advantage for the British to make an attack against the Sivagangai seemai. There is no mastermind like her to control a kingdom after her death.

This is the history of her great kingdom and her mighty ruling. You can see her statue and her palace in the Sivagangai town in Tamil Nadu, India. You can also tell her stories to your children and so the tomorrow’s generation can aware of her. Now, most people don’t know about her which is really sad.

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