Why Tamils are not learning Hindi?

Majority of the Indians speak Hindi as their mother tongue and the other states are also showing some interest about learning Hindi but why the people of Tamil Nadu is opposing Hindi? When all people in France speaking French and all people in Sweden speaks Swedish, why can’t the Tamils speak Hindi?

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Tamil Nadu is the state which saw the anti-Hindi moments and other strong opposition to the use of the Hindi language. But its not actually the anti-Hindi, its anti-forced Hindi. So, there must not be any hate among the peoples, its the basic right given by the Indian constitution for everyone to choose which language to learn and use.

Tamils vs Hindi

  • Tamils don’t oppose Hindi but only the forced Hindi – People in Northern India are thinking wrong about Tamils about this issue. Tamils are not opposing to learn Hindi but they don’t like forcing of Hindi towards them. Imagine if the children of Delhi are forced to learn a South Indian language.
  • India was ruled by different kings and each king ruled a part of India which has its own language. Now India is united as a single country. So India is like a European continent in a single country and its not wise to ask all of them to learn Hindi
  • Tamil and Hindi are from different language families – Tamils is one of the oldest language in the Dravidian language family and Hindi is from a another language family called Indo-European. So it is easy for a Punjabi to learn Hindi easily than the Tamils. Tamils can easily learn Malayalam than learning Hindi.
  • No need of Hindi in Tamil Nadu – Tamils makes the majority of the population in the state of Tamil Nadu and the others are from the neighbouring states and so the people don’t have to deal with the Hindi in everyday use and thus no need to learn.
  • Its the right of the people – According to the rights given to the state governments, the people of the state have right to choose the official language of the state or about which languages to learn.
  • Tamil has more culture values than Hindi – Tamil is 2000 years older and it is the classical language of India but the grammar of Hindi is standardised only during the 90s. So, Hindi must not be forced on Tamils.
  • English is the global language – English is being spoken in other countries and so learning English is more than enough to communicate to the people from different cultures. So its essential for all of the Indians to learn English
  • Preserve the cultures of India – India is known for its diversity of people and culture. So it is important to protect the cultures of all the ethnic groups present in India.


Everything should come by interest and not by forcing. Thus if you want the Tamils to learn Hindi language then you should try different ways which develop interest on learning Hindi language in Tamil Nadu which will have positive effects. We all are Indians and so try to respect each and everyone who are our brothers and sisters.

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