Going Bald, Should I Shave My Head Cleanly?

Do you want to know whether it is good or bad to shave your head when it’s started to bald? Get here the tips about how to keep your head good looking.

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Going bald, should I shave my head cleanly to look good? is the question being asked by many men. A completely shaved head will look better than the half bald head. It will also make you look young. There are many celebrities who looks great with completely shaved head. Some people like the bald head to be shiny and others like to remove the shine. It’s a personal preference.

Trimming the long hair to short will reduce the hair fall and the balding problem. If you like being with the hair then you can try hair transplant surgery or buy a wig. Read below the opinions of the people about shaving their head clean.

If you haven’t shaved before and this is your first time then you can ask a help to your friend. There are many good haircutting kit and hair shavers available in Amazon which you can use to shave your head clearly. You will also need shaving gel, apply it well for a smooth shaving. Once done, take a bath and dry it with a towel.

Have You Ever Shaved Your Head?

People’s opinions & comments

Always. Because I look like Larry Fine when I let my hair grow.
That is a fashion I have sported now for 8 years and my daughters and friends will tell you that Bruce Willis looks like me .
Probably won’t have to in a few years, the rate it’s thinning at.
Just for a little trim… it’s not like I have a bald spot! I’m 13!
But only for 4 brain surgeries, 2 for a ruptured brain aneurysm, and 2 for brain infection.
Once N My Life Time Till Now
Twice. But I cover my hair, so nobody knew when I did it. I did it to get rid of super damaged bleached hair. But not that I am married, I cannot do that. I could not see the look on my husband’s face if he saw me bald. I think he would laugh at me so hard an then I would cry…
im a girl so no. i like my hair too much.
Nope. Closest would be when I would get buzz cuts as a child. I looked really stupid with my hair that short though.
No, But I do shave around the little one……….
Every couple of days, if not everyday for about three years now. For me, it’s something I should have done 15 years ago. It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s easy. And I have no concern as to how I look with it. I lost the little bit of vanity I ever had many, many years ago.
No, but I’ve cut it pretty short (just not all the way).
I have shaved my head many times….. only after I became homeless! go figure. I was so used to having hair, that I just kept it cut/trimmed. Now I get it cut almost to the skin several times a year. (when im not growing a moustache!)
No. But if I were a balding man I might.
↳ RE: a friend of mine told me the same…. he said if ever he were balding, he would just shave it, instead of having, “a bozo cut”. he made me laugh!
↳↳ RE:RE: I understand, if I were a guy I’d def want to avoid the bozo look big time, ha ha.
NOT YET. BUT it’s still 18 degrees here today. BEARD is GROWING. BALD FOR THE SUMMER!
Nature did it for me Lol I had hair half way down my back in my 20s….I don’t think I would have it long these days anyway I cut it much shorter when I was about 30 and time has done the rest.
I tried it once but it made me even funnier looking than otherwise so I let all three hairs grow back.
No, But I look cute with a pixie cut.
Yes I have in the past. With a shaving razor only for a short time. Number one or two on a clipper is typically where it has been for years. This winter I have been growing my hair out. Must be to a number four by now, that is what grows. I might have to opt for the 20% Rogaine next time.
Yes, once many years ago but looked like a Marine recruit.
Twice didn’t like how I looked plus wife threatened to divorce me if I did it again
I do sometimes shave the few scraggly ones on the top that mess up the smoothness of the dome!
But my girlfriend helped me shave my nuts and pubical areas. That wasn’t fun…
No, but the Air Force did it for me in basic training.
I used to shave the sides and back all the time, in my younger days. Nowadays i prefer bald-headed men.
Hell yes be bald is sexy as hell. Ever since i shaved my head its like punany just fall from the heavens
Yes,I’ve tried it once,it didn’t look that great on me but it made taking a shower feel like my head was getting a massage which is to this day one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt.
No but came close to doing that. I had Chemo, so I ended up bald.
The closest that I came to shaving my head was back in the mid-80’s and I had a spike. I looked totally ridiculous, too.
I have some tattoo work on my head, we shaved it to do the tattoo’s and we shaved my whole head instead of just the chunks to do the tattoo’s. Actually got a lot of compliments.
Nope, but if I lost MORE hair on top, I would shave my head. I don’t like the hair on the sides look.
Yeah, my mom had cancer when I was little, so I shaved it to support her.
Yeah, only partially though, just for getting scalp stitches.
I’ve been shaving my head since I was a teen skate punk. I can’t remember the last time I bought hair product or paid for a haircut or worried if my hair looked good or not.
No I haven’t shaved my head but there is a funny story behind my mom’s theory.
When I was younger I had a boy’s hair cut, it was short, really short and with the right glasses I looked like Harry Potter. Because of my love for my short hair, I got it 1-2 times a year and when I did this, I got it cut shorter and short (my mom was my barber for most of my life) When I turned thirteen or so, she told me, “Keira if you keep cutting it shorter and shorter, by the time you’re sixteen you’ll become bald.” So by the time I was sixteen my hair was down to my mid-back! lol
As it turns out, I have a decently shaped head. I did for awhile.
I once shaved Bruce Willis’ head. I barely got out of there alive. Well, actually it wasn’t his head.
my hair was down to my buttocks, and i shaved it to the scalp and donated it when I found out a friend had cancer. I did have a bit of an ulterior motive. I have a scar on my head that I had never seen. shaving my head, rather than just cutting it short, allowed me to see the scar… it’s a pretty cool scar, if i do say so myself lol
Once when I was in college, just to see what my bald head looked like. I wore a beanie until the hair grew back.
That is a fashion I have sported now for 8 years and my daughters and friends will tell you that Bruce Willis looks like me 🙂
I still have most of my hair. Eventually I may go that way when it thins out too much to hide.
shaved, uh, sure, if that is what you want to call my hair style , sure why not ..:)
Well, I’ve buzzed it really short but I’ve never shaved it bald.
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