Is Jayalalithaa dead or alive? Health Condition of TN CM [Live News]

Want to know what happened to sevi J. Jayalalithaa? Know interesting informations and truths about what the government is hiding about the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

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There are confusion among the public about the health conditions of the chief minister Jayalalitha. Photos of the CM is always used to be released when she attending a function or ceremony. But after she admitted in the Apollo hospital, no news or picture of her is official released by the TN government.

Unofficial reports and rumours about Jayalalitha Death

Jayalalitha death


There is a viral news on social media sites which claims that TN Chief Minister Selvi J. Jayalalithaa is death and the government is hiding it for the local elections in the state. The are some unofficial pictures of the CM leaked in the social networking sites which shows she was lying on the bed, unconsciously.

This has shocked all the AIADMK followers across the state and many had started doing pujas in temples and prayers in churches for the faster recovery of the CM. The opposite leader Kalaighar Karunanidhi has asked the government to release the official report about the CM’s health.

But the government said the CM is okay and failed to release any official report from the hospital. So, now the traffic Raamasami has filled a case in Tamil Nadu high court asking the TN government to publish the doctor’s report on the health conditions of Jayalalitha. The court will hire the case and will give a judgement.

Speedy Recovery

Sources says that the Jayalalithaa is recovering faster and she will soon begin doing her works. But still many people are doubtful about the information since she is still in the hospital.

There are rumors that Jayalalitha has brain death and Jayalalitha wants to meet actor Ajith Kumar, but these informations are just false. Rahul Gandhi seen her in the hospital and said she is well. wishes the CM for her speedy recovery and for doing her works as usual as before. People should be responsible and should not post wrong and awful information on sensitive topics.

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