Thevar Caste Tamil Actors List

Do you want to know the Thevar caste tamil actors list? Here are the names of the Tamil actors who are belongs to the Thevar community of South India.

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Thevar Caste Tamil Actor Names

These are the actors whoes caste is Thevar. They have worked hard to enter to become the successful actors and directors in the Kollywood film industry. You should consider them as a leaders for your life. The king Raja Raja Cholan caste is Thever and Pandiya King’s caste is also Thever.

  • Arunpandian
  • Director A.C. Thirulohachandar
  • Director Bala
  • Director Bharathiraja
  • J. K. Rithesh
  • Janaki Thevar
  • ‘Kakka’ Radha Krishnan
  • Karthik Muthuraman
  • O A K Thevar
  • P. K. Mookayya Thevar
  • Periyakaruppu Thevar
  • Prabhu Ganesan
  • Producer Ramkumar Ganesan
  • R. Muthuraman
  • S. S. Chandran
  • S. S. Rajendran
  • Sangili murugan
  • Shivaji Ganesan
  • Vairamuthu (lyricist)
  • Vinuchakaravarthy
  • Vivek
  • Yogi

These are the mainstream Devar Caste Tamil Actors in the Kollywood cinema. You should also try to work very hard for a bright and a wonderful future. Hard work never fails. Just work and don’t expert anything as the return and you will achieve the success in your life.


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