Trichy Corporation Birth Certificate, Death Certificate & Property Tax

Do you want the birth certificate, death certificate or property tax from the Trichy Corporation in just 2 days? Here you can know how to register and get your certificate online.

Getting certificates and the other documents from the government offices is one of the headache process in Tamil Nadu but there is a way to get it easily online without going to the government offices.

Birth & Death Certificates

You can view the Birth Certificates here and view the Death Records here. You have to enter the information to view the existing certificate or you can also download the get the application form online in that site for registering the birth of your new born baby or the death of your family members.

Property Tax

You can also calculate your property tax, view the pending tax which needs to be paid. Check the TAX due here or Calculate your TAX here. You can do all these in the website. If you have any further doubts please ask as below.

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